Saturday, May 14, 2016

kidding season

Hi there. It's me, Ben, again. Our kidding season ended about a month ago. Cilantro had a set of twins to end. We had a good season, losing a set of twins due to lack of nutrition, but that's a long story.
We had 9 does and 11 bucks. We kept 2 bucks and sold the rest.  Of our girl goats, I would like to sell one. She is a pure breed Alpine. Her dad is Patton and her mom is Chocolate Star.
                                          She is about 7 weeks old.  She had a twin brother.
                                   I would like to get $50 for her. Her mom is out of Pucket's
                                                  Alpines in Kansas. Her sire is from WI                                                      This is my brother Grant holding her.  He and I take care of the goats together. My other brothers Garrett and Alex also help too. My sister sometimes helps.