Saturday, May 14, 2016

kidding season

Hi there. It's me, Ben, again. Our kidding season ended about a month ago. Cilantro had a set of twins to end. We had a good season, losing a set of twins due to lack of nutrition, but that's a long story.
We had 9 does and 11 bucks. We kept 2 bucks and sold the rest.  Of our girl goats, I would like to sell one. She is a pure breed Alpine. Her dad is Patton and her mom is Chocolate Star.
                                          She is about 7 weeks old.  She had a twin brother.
                                   I would like to get $50 for her. Her mom is out of Pucket's
                                                  Alpines in Kansas. Her sire is from WI                                                      This is my brother Grant holding her.  He and I take care of the goats together. My other brothers Garrett and Alex also help too. My sister sometimes helps.                                      


  1. Nice job Ben. Good luck with your goat project.

  2. Great project, Ben. Keep up the good work.