Sunday, February 7, 2016

Welcome to Ben's Goats. My name is Ben and I love goats. Actually, all my brothers and sister love goats, but I really love them. I feed them hay and grain everyday, no matter what!  And my goats love me.  They always run to greet me when I come into their pens.
     This is Diamond Joe. He is almost 3 years old and came from Iowa.  He is a toggenburg buck.  He lives with his friends, Firestone, Simon, Romeo, and Patton. He also has a few girl friends but he doesn't live with them right now. I have an oberhasil that I bought and my dad and mom have toggenburgs, oberhasils, and alpines. Hopefully in March, we will be having lots of kids, or baby goats. I love the babies.  All of us kids help feed them whenever we can. 
     We get to show our goats in our county fair.  When we get older,  our dad says we can show at the state 4H show and maybe the state fair.  We can't wait!

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